The Office of the CIO Professional Services team is different from other consulting firms because we are World Class Executives who have spent time "in the trenches" delivering results for our companies. We are a powerful combination of former CIOs and Big 4 Consulting Partners that help companies identify and leverage opportunities for enhancing competitiveness and reducing cost by being:

Solution-Focused, but Solution-Agnostic

We do not recommend pre-determined solutions to our clients. Every business is different, and the range of solutions available is constantly changing. Moreover, every client's appetite for risk and ability to mitigate risks is different. Our approach is to evaluate, analyze, recommend, and deploy global process solutions that are appropriate for you.

Seasoned Business Leaders with a Technology Background

We are Chief Information Officers who are business savvy. We understand your issues because we have spent time in your chair. Typically we act as trusted advisors to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and their management teams. By collaborating with client management and stakeholders, results are achieved and we often resolve organizational challenges. We take the team beyond strategy, through execution and on to resolution.

Client Advocates

We work for our clients, and as such must provide fulfillment services that are of value. We establish a solid understanding of the your organization and build relationships with your team because we believe that our success is tied directly to the success of every engagement and the overall success of our clients.

World-Class Solutions Delivered by World-Class Practitioners

Our consultants have the functional and industry expertise to help companies make fundamental and significant changes that result in lasting improvements. Our expertise is delivered to our clients directly by the experts themselves, providing the best value to our clients.